Earrings Tutorial

Dangly Earrings

Wanna learn how to diy these earrings? You can do this, it is a very amusing work! Customize pairs of diy dangle earrings with whatever beads and chains you prefer! If you are not into jewelry making you purchase these earrings here or here.

Lets take a look at the materials list.

You will need:

– Beads (I’ve used 8mm faceted Emerald beads but you can use any type or size of beads)
– Chain
– daisy spacers
– Eye pins
– Earrings hooks

Jewelry Making

Step 1 –  Start with the chains. You will need two strands of chain with 5 cm and two strands of chain with 6 cm.

Earrings Step by Step

Step 2 – Take your eye pin and slide the smaller chain, daisy spacer and beads in the order shown in the picture.

DIY Jewelry

Step 3 – Using your round nose plier make a loop on the eye pin end.

How to make jewelry

Step 4 – Attach the 6cm chain ends to the eye pin loops.

How to make earrings

Step 5 – Now you just have to connect your earring hook.

How to make a dangy earring

And your earrings are ready.

DIY Earrings

Here is the pink version.

Pink Earrings

I hope you enjoyed this project.

Take care,


Turquoise and Orange Cat Eye Necklace

Orange Cat Eye NecklaceI am in love with cat eyes beads and can’t stop creating with them. This is the newest addition to my collection.
Handmade NecklaceA 50cm long necklace created with shiny turquoise seed beads and 6mm orange cat eye beads.
Turquoise Orange Necklace Handmade JewelryThis necklace is very simple and yet very classical. It will for sure pop up your outfit.
Turquoise Orange NecklaceIt would make a beaultiful gift and can be found on my Website and Etsy shop.


Crochet Necklace With a Bird Nest Pendant

Bird Nest Pendant on a Crochet Necklace

The days here at D’arc Creations HQ have been very productive. Today I’d like to show you a necklace I’ve just created.

Crochet Necklace Cat Eye Bird Nest


It is made with cream color crochet thread. 3 crochet chain strands are braided together to creat a very beautiful effect on the base of the neck. The center piece of this necklace is a bird nest pendant made with non tarnish copper wire and blue cat eye beads. You can find this necklace at my Etsy Shop and Website.

Crochet Necklace

It is shiny. It is elegant. It would make a beautiful gift.
I hope you liked it too.

Take care,

Dark Green Bracelet

Etsy Jewelry

This gorgeous bracelet has just been added to my Etsy Shop and to my website. It features shiny faceted rondeles and three half strands of gold color chain.

Dark Green Golden Chain Bracelet

There are 3 beads in the center acting as charms and it closes with a toggle clasp.

Dark Green Handmade Bracelet

Very elegant and delicate.

New Website

D’arc Creations has now a new website. Lately, I have been working on a website to show and sell my jewelry. I won’t be closing this blog or my Etsy store. but as most of my sales come from non Etsy users, I decided to create this website so my customers that come to me through Facebook and this blog, can keep buying directly and without having to create an account.
The address is www.http://darc-creations.weebly.com
Now buying D’arc Creations has become an very easy transaction. Payment accepted is paypal and all items are gift wrapped before shipping. I am also offering temporally free shipping.

Online Store Handmade Products

I’m still working on it, so please bare with me if some changes happen.

Hope you stop by there too.

Take care and have a great week!


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In a Bird Mood…

Bronze bird Nest Necklace

I am in a bird mood lately. Last Tuesday I’ve added this Love Birds Necklace to my Etsy Store. I am now adding this flying bird with a nest to my collection. This sweet symble of love makes a perfect gift for mothers. It is a perfect gift for nature lovers too.

Bird Nest necklaceThis sweet necklace is available in my Etsy Store. More bird jewelry will come soon.

Take care,


How to make a Chunky Bracelet

Blue Saphire Chunky Bracelet

Hello everyone!! Wednesday has arrived and with a new step by step tutorial created by me! Today’s tutorial is a very elegant chunky bracelet. Made with beaultiful 8mm blue Saphire beads.
Remembering, if you are not into jewelry making, you can find this bracelet available in my Etsy Shop where I am still offering a 15% discount on all items.

Lets check the supplies list:

Make a chunky bracelet

– 8mm beads (bigger beads are also a great go, to make the bracelet even chunkier)
– 3 strands chain of your choice (I’ve chose a woven 2 links chain)
– eye pins
– jump rings
– toggle clasp

Lets start!!

Step 1: Slide one bead on a eye pin. If needed cut the excess and using your round nose plier, make a loop.

Chunky bracelet DIY

Step 2: Repeat step one with another bead and before closing the loop, atatch it to the previous loop/bead from step 1.

How to make a chunky bracelet

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and step 2 till you have a 18cm strand or desired lenght.

passo a passo pulseira

Step 4: Make a second strand.

pulseira passo a passo

Step 5: Now we will mount our bracelet. Open a jump ring and follow this order: slide in one chain, one bead-strand,another chain, another bead-strand and the last chain. Just like it shows on the picture.

como fazer uma pulseira

Step 6: Now add one part of your clasp.

como fazer uma pulseira robusta

Step 7: Repeat step 5 and 6 on the other side.

cunky bracelet step by step

And your bracelet is ready!

How to make a chuncky bracelet

Here is a gray Tourmaline version:

Gray Chunky Bracelet

And a bronze version:

Bronze Chunky Bracelet

You can find these bracelets and other items with a 15% discount in my Etsy Shop.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Check back again next Wednesday for anothe tutorial.

Take care,


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