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It’s Summer!!

Hey there! Apologies I have been on a hiatus lately here on the blog and on my Facebook page. It’s summer here in The Netherlands and we have been presented with a lovely weather lately. So, the life here at the D’arc Creations HQ is on holiday mood. We are taking advantage on this beautiful weather to be in the garden, barbecue, cycle and we have also spent a great deal of time at my boyfriend parents boat. Last week we were with 4 of us boating from Katwijk (at the coast in Zuid-Holland) to Loosdrecht (in Noord-Holland). We had a great time and I got to see a lot of the beautiful Nederland.

You can take a look at some of the boat trip clicks.


BoatinginTheNetherlands2013-KatwijkSunset in Katwijk.



BoatinginTheNetherlands2013 - 6


BoatinginTheNetherlands2013 - 5




BoatinginTheNetherlands2013 - 2Amsterdam BoatinginTheNetherlands2013 Amsterdan BoatinginTheNetherlands2013Amsterdam BoatinginTheNetherlands2013Amsterdan BoatinginTheNetherlands2013:AmsterdamSwimming was also included.

BoatinginTheNetherlands2013 BoatinginTheNetherlands2013 - 2 BoatinginTheNetherlands2013-3


Next week we will be making another boat trip. This time to Friesland in the north of the country. If you will like to take a peak, you can find me on instagram as giselledarc, I will be posting some pictures there.

Meanwhile, I am hosting a sale at my Etsy store. Use the coupon code “SUMMER13” to get 15% on any order.

Hoppefully, everything will come to a normal by middle August. And I will start making new jewelry again and bringing new tutorials to you. So stay put! I hope you are all having a great time out there. I would love to hear how your summer is going, or your winter depending where you live.

Take care,


New Blog Look

Changes are a big part of life. So after a long time thinking about it, I have finally changed the blog theme. This is the first time a big change like this happens here since I created the blog in 2011. I’ve decided that the blog needed a lighter and less busy background to show off the pictures and to get more practical to navigate. I added a picture with the D’arc Creations logo as a header and I’m sure I will be making some small changes to adjust things for a while, so apologies!

I’m loving the new look and I hope you are too!

Don’t forget that it’s sale month at D’arc Creations. I’m offering a 15% discount on all jewelry in my Etsy shop, enter coupon code “MAYPASSION” to get the discount.


Visiting South-Holland and Zeeland

On my task to visit more places in The Netherlands and renew our energies after the long and dark winter that we had here in the land of the wind mills. My boyfriend and I went on a two days trip to the provinces of South-Holland and Zeeland. We left the house very early on Sunday heading to Kinderdijk.

19 windmills of Kinderdijk were built around 1740 to pump the excess water.


The sun was still very shy on that morning.



After visiting Kinderdijk we headed to the coast. Oostvoorne was our destination. We checked-in in the hotel and then we went for a walk at the beach.


The sun finally showed up, providing us a great bright and warm afternoon.

And it is very important that you don’t forget to drink during the day…


… And eat.


And after that we still had time to see the sunset at the beach.


Back at the hotel we had a very nice dinner. Steak for me and Saté chicken for him served in an interesting dish. With a lot of frites of course.


To close the day we had a relaxing time in the hotel lounge accompanied by some drinks.


On the second day, after breakfast and checking out, we slowly began to make the way back home, trough Zeeland. And there we took a look at the Delta Works that we passed along the way.



And for the last but not least we mad a stop at a small village called Veere. On the picture you can see the village’s lift bridge.



Can’t get tired of the windmills in The Netherlands.


By the end of the afternoon we were back at home. I had a great time in those two days. Now gotta think on where we are going next.


Hello Spring!

Today is officially the first day of Spring. And when I hear Spring, I think of sunny days, warmth and birds singing… At least that’s how it is by this time in Portugal (where I lived for almost 12 years). I don’t think I will ever get used to this unstable Dutch weather… Anyways… It has arrived…

The news are announcing it, the radios keep saying every once and a while het is lente (it is spring) and playing warm collorful songs and people keep welcoming the most colorful season of the year on the social networks. But… While I look outside of my window I really can’t see it. This week started rather sunny and a little bit warm (giving all of us some Spring feeling), but today in area that I live in the Netherlands, the day started quite white and cold. On the pictures you can see how it looks right now outside. Where is Spring?

Snow In The Netherlands

Sneew In Nederland

Snow In Noord-Brabant

Snow In The Netherlands

So… Welcome Spring, I hope you will not forget to present us here in The Netherlands with the warmth and colors that characterizes you.


Holidays Time



Happy Wednesday lovelly readers!
I’m off to Portugal today. A small holiday to be with my family and friends and hopefully have a great time there.
I’ll be back next Monday, so in the meanwhile you can find me on twitter and Instagram, and you can follow my time there. I’ll have a lot to show.
Twitter: @crazylilthingss
Instagram: @giselledarc

See you soon!



Estamos de volta a casa. A nossa bela semana em Portugal acabou. Os dias passados lá foram ótimos, curtindo a familia, revendo alguns amigos, visitando lugares, praia, muito sol, gargalhadas, comendo em casa e fora.

E hoje venho aqui compartilhar com vocês os clicks do Ties daqueles dias.

We are back home. Our beautiful week in Portugal is over. The days spent there were great: enjoying my family, seeing some friends, visiting places, beach, sun, laughs, eating in and out.

And today I want to share with you the clicks Ties made those days.

Vila do Conde

Tradição – Tradition

Meu sobrinho mais novo brincando com a água da fonte – My little nephew playing with the fountain water.

Faísca – Sparkle

Eu fiz pão de queijo – I’ve made cheesebreads

Manga!!! – Mango!!!


Nossa comida preferida – Our favourite food

Com alguns amigos – With some friends

Viana do Castelo


Férias – Holidays


Estamos em Portugal, desde a quinta-feira passada, curtindo uma semaninha de férias com a minha familia.

We are in Portugal since last Thursday, enjoying one week of holidays with my family.

Estou curtindo muito a comidinha da mamãe, os sobrinhos, o sol e a praia e o restinho do verão. Na próxima quinta estaremos de volta a casa.

I’m enjoying very much my mom’s food, my nephews, the sun and the lasts summer days. Next Thursday we will be back home.

Hoje esteve um lindo dia de sol e estava muito bom na praia (tirando a água gelada do mar :P)

Today it was a beautiful sunny day and it was very nice at the beach (if you don’t count the cold sea water :P)





Em breve volto com mais fotos.

I’ll be back soon with more pictures.