Earrings Tutorial

Dangly Earrings

Wanna learn how to diy these earrings? You can do this, it is a very amusing work! Customize pairs of diy dangle earrings with whatever beads and chains you prefer! If you are not into jewelry making you purchase these earrings here or here.

Lets take a look at the materials list.

You will need:

– Beads (I’ve used 8mm faceted Emerald beads but you can use any type or size of beads)
– Chain
– daisy spacers
– Eye pins
– Earrings hooks

Jewelry Making

Step 1 –  Start with the chains. You will need two strands of chain with 5 cm and two strands of chain with 6 cm.

Earrings Step by Step

Step 2 – Take your eye pin and slide the smaller chain, daisy spacer and beads in the order shown in the picture.

DIY Jewelry

Step 3 – Using your round nose plier make a loop on the eye pin end.

How to make jewelry

Step 4 – Attach the 6cm chain ends to the eye pin loops.

How to make earrings

Step 5 – Now you just have to connect your earring hook.

How to make a dangy earring

And your earrings are ready.

DIY Earrings

Here is the pink version.

Pink Earrings

I hope you enjoyed this project.

Take care,



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One thought on “Earrings Tutorial

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