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In a Bird Mood…

Bronze bird Nest Necklace

I am in a bird mood lately. Last Tuesday I’ve added this Love Birds Necklace to my Etsy Store. I am now adding this flying bird with a nest to my collection. This sweet symble of love makes a perfect gift for mothers. It is a perfect gift for nature lovers too.

Bird Nest necklaceThis sweet necklace is available in my Etsy Store. More bird jewelry will come soon.

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How to make a Chunky Bracelet

Blue Saphire Chunky Bracelet

Hello everyone!! Wednesday has arrived and with a new step by step tutorial created by me! Today’s tutorial is a very elegant chunky bracelet. Made with beaultiful 8mm blue Saphire beads.
Remembering, if you are not into jewelry making, you can find this bracelet available in my Etsy Shop where I am still offering a 15% discount on all items.

Lets check the supplies list:

Make a chunky bracelet

– 8mm beads (bigger beads are also a great go, to make the bracelet even chunkier)
– 3 strands chain of your choice (I’ve chose a woven 2 links chain)
– eye pins
– jump rings
– toggle clasp

Lets start!!

Step 1: Slide one bead on a eye pin. If needed cut the excess and using your round nose plier, make a loop.

Chunky bracelet DIY

Step 2: Repeat step one with another bead and before closing the loop, atatch it to the previous loop/bead from step 1.

How to make a chunky bracelet

Step 3: Repeat step 1 and step 2 till you have a 18cm strand or desired lenght.

passo a passo pulseira

Step 4: Make a second strand.

pulseira passo a passo

Step 5: Now we will mount our bracelet. Open a jump ring and follow this order: slide in one chain, one bead-strand,another chain, another bead-strand and the last chain. Just like it shows on the picture.

como fazer uma pulseira

Step 6: Now add one part of your clasp.

como fazer uma pulseira robusta

Step 7: Repeat step 5 and 6 on the other side.

cunky bracelet step by step

And your bracelet is ready!

How to make a chuncky bracelet

Here is a gray Tourmaline version:

Gray Chunky Bracelet

And a bronze version:

Bronze Chunky Bracelet

You can find these bracelets and other items with a 15% discount in my Etsy Shop.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Check back again next Wednesday for anothe tutorial.

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New Pieces

I’m back! We had a great time enjoying the good weather here. And back on the jewelry making too. I have made a few pieces last week and I am now slowly listing them on my etsy shop. Here is a sneak peek of what you can find listed there. And I am still hosting a 15% discount sale at my shop. So if you see something you like just enter de coupon code “SUMMER13” to get the discount.

Love Birds Vintage Style Necklace

Love Birds Bronze Necklace

Tiger Eye Bronze Earrings

Leaf Charm Tiger Eye Earrings

Morning Glory Earrings

Morning Glory Bronze earrings

Fifty Shades of Grey Inspired Mask Dangle Earrings

Fifty Shades Of Grey Inspired Earrings

Fifty Shades of Grey Inspired Mask Silver Earrings

Fifty Shades Of Grey Jewelry

Turquoise Dangle Earrings

Triangle tear drop earrings


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