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Leather Wrap Bracelets

chan luu leather wrap bracelets

These Chan Luu inspired bracelets are designed to wrap around the wrist once. Handwoven on black leather cord.


Made with turquoise stones.

chan luu leather wrap turquoise bracelet

This is one with purple cat eye beads to shine with in this spring.

IMG_0531chan luu leather wrap cat eye bracelet

And with a peyote tube in the center.

IMG_0531chan luu leather wrap peyote tube bracelet

All of them have a button as closure.

IMG_0531chan luu leather wrap peyote tube bracelet

You can find these bracelets listed on my Etsy shop.


Visiting South-Holland and Zeeland

On my task to visit more places in The Netherlands and renew our energies after the long and dark winter that we had here in the land of the wind mills. My boyfriend and I went on a two days trip to the provinces of South-Holland and Zeeland. We left the house very early on Sunday heading to Kinderdijk.

19 windmills of Kinderdijk were built around 1740 to pump the excess water.


The sun was still very shy on that morning.



After visiting Kinderdijk we headed to the coast. Oostvoorne was our destination. We checked-in in the hotel and then we went for a walk at the beach.


The sun finally showed up, providing us a great bright and warm afternoon.

And it is very important that you don’t forget to drink during the day…


… And eat.


And after that we still had time to see the sunset at the beach.


Back at the hotel we had a very nice dinner. Steak for me and Saté chicken for him served in an interesting dish. With a lot of frites of course.


To close the day we had a relaxing time in the hotel lounge accompanied by some drinks.


On the second day, after breakfast and checking out, we slowly began to make the way back home, trough Zeeland. And there we took a look at the Delta Works that we passed along the way.



And for the last but not least we mad a stop at a small village called Veere. On the picture you can see the village’s lift bridge.



Can’t get tired of the windmills in The Netherlands.


By the end of the afternoon we were back at home. I had a great time in those two days. Now gotta think on where we are going next.