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New Listings On My Etsy Store

My love for bracelets it’s no news. I wear one ( or more than one) everyday. And they also are the most jewelry pieces I make.
Today I’m posting here all the items I’ve listed this week on Etsy, and surprisingly they are all bracelets.





This one I am reposting as I updated the pictures in the shop.

Stop by my Etsy Shop to take a look on these items.


Hello Spring!

Today is officially the first day of Spring. And when I hear Spring, I think of sunny days, warmth and birds singing… At least that’s how it is by this time in Portugal (where I lived for almost 12 years). I don’t think I will ever get used to this unstable Dutch weather… Anyways… It has arrived…

The news are announcing it, the radios keep saying every once and a while het is lente (it is spring) and playing warm collorful songs and people keep welcoming the most colorful season of the year on the social networks. But… While I look outside of my window I really can’t see it. This week started rather sunny and a little bit warm (giving all of us some Spring feeling), but today in area that I live in the Netherlands, the day started quite white and cold. On the pictures you can see how it looks right now outside. Where is Spring?

Snow In The Netherlands

Sneew In Nederland

Snow In Noord-Brabant

Snow In The Netherlands

So… Welcome Spring, I hope you will not forget to present us here in The Netherlands with the warmth and colors that┬ácharacterizes you.


Bit of Blue – Freshwater Pearls with Aqua Blue Beaded Bracelet

Good morning my lovely visitors!

Today I want to share with you my newest creation. A bracelet made with Aqua Blue beads and shiny Freshwater Pearls.


Shiny, elegant and perfect for any occasion.


As most of my jewelry this bracelet can also be found on my etsy store.




Bronze Leaves

Bracelet and earrings adorned with bronze leaves charms. Made with 6mm green emerald beads and bronze findings. Available in my etsy store.





Statement Bib Necklace

This bib-style chain necklace goes with all the current trends! It is made with Yellow Azurite Chrysocolla and a long chain that gives the necklace enough dangle and chunk to pop against any outfit.

I love the color of these beads. I think its a great way to give your outfit a pop of color!

IMG_0289 Love how it turned out!


I’ve also made matching earrings.


I will be adding them very soo to my Etsy Shop. So don’t forget to stop by later and check it.